Got Questions?

We have some answers for you

Can you guarantee certain skills?

That we can't do. Anyone who says they can...make them prove it. We do our homework but we don't know every detail. That part is up to you. Please make sure that any possible partners have complementary skills to yours, not just good skills.

Can so and so play this weekend?

This is where you come in. We will connect you both, but the details of schedules and skill level are your responsibility.

How do we know so many people?

We live and breath volleyball. We are at the tournaments. We talk to everyone. We work in volleyball. Simple enough?

We make no claims as to the ability of the player that is being refered. Each partner needs to do there own research on each individual player for ability, level, etc. Partner Finder is a source to help put you in contact with potential partners quickly so you can plan your tournaments.